Learn how to file your Wyoming Annual Report with this easy guide.

How to File Your Wyoming Annual Report – International Founders Guide

Paying your annual fees is an extremely important part of owning any corporation. Without paying your fees on time, you will not only incur even greater fees and interest, but the state could shut your company down Down!

Luckily, in Wyoming paying the annual fees is simple and easy to do, so your company will always be compliant and free to operate

When are Wyoming Annual Report Due?

Fees are due on the 1st day of your anniversary month. If your initial filing date is September 19th, your fees would be due on September 1st

How Much are the Fees?

The fees consist of a $50 franchise tax OR $.0002 per dollar of assets located in Wyoming (If you have $1 million of assets in Wyoming, you would have to pay $200), which ever is more. There is a convenience fee for all payments made online, and any payment over $501 cannot be made online

How Do I Pay?

You can pay online (Visa or MasterCard) or with traditional mail (check or money order).

What if I Forget to Pay?

Wyoming is one of the few states to not charge late fees, but paying late automatically becomes at risk for administrative dissolution (company being dissolved by the state)

If you do not pay within 60 days, you will automatically have your company dissolved and be forbidden from owning a business in Wyoming

How Doola Can Help

That’s why you should always be on top of your fees, to ensure that your business will be free to operate without restrictions. With Doola, we make sure to stay on top of your fee paperwork at all times, giving you ample notice to make sure everything can be paid on time. We help from inception of the LLC all the way through to making sure you stay open.

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