We talked to one of doola's customer, Vivek Saxena, founder of Vikasietum Tecknology to learn more about his company.

doola Customer Success Stories: Meet doola entrepreneur Vivek Saxena 

We had the opportunity to chat with doola entrepreneur, Vivek Saxena, founder of Vikasietum Tecknology to learn more about his company and his experience with doola.

Vivek’s Bio

Vivek Saxena is a business development expert with over 30 years of experience in setting up and managing large IT services teams, particularly in the financial services space. Today, he is the proud CEO and founder of Vikasietum Tecknology, a simple, purpose-driven software solutions company that helps organizations blossom. 

Vivek believed that true innovation and transformative ideas are rooted in simplicity. When he noticed that promising startups were struggling to come up with straightforward and effective products, he saw a clear opportunity to help. Vivek knew that he could use his expertise to help businesses nurture digital products from ideation to delivery, and that’s how Vikasietum Tecknology came to fruition in India. 

“This decision was not only mine. It [launching a US company] was also fueled by ambitions of the customers.”

Vivek always knew that Vikasietum Tecknology had the potential to help many people beyond the Indian market. This idea was further solidified when potential customers from the United States showed interest in working with his company. He began researching and seeking advice from friends on the best business formation solutions for foreign entities, and that’s when he discovered doola.

“I chose doola and no regrets so far. Great service, prompt response, and continuous ongoing engagement.”

What sold Vivek on doola was not just the ease of our processes, but the thoroughness and care that we put into every step of the incorporation. For Vivek, it didn’t feel like just a transactional service, but a genuine partnership that would help Vikasietum Tecknology establish a solid foundation in the U.S. and improve the lives of many in the years to come.

Video Interview


 Learn more about Vivek Saxena and his company, Vikasietum, and stay up to date on the success of his business.

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