We talked to one of doola's customer, Enzo Avigo, the entrepreneur who created June, to learn more about his company.

doola Customer Success Stories: Meet doola entrepreneur Enzo Avigo

We had the opportunity to chat with doola entrepreneur, Enzo Avigo, founder of June to learn more about his company and his experience with doola.

Enzo Avigo’s Bio

Enzo Avigo is a product management expert based in France with a track record of success in FinTech, Marketplace, and B2B SaaS. Today, he is the co-founder of June, an opinionated analytics tool that enables companies to automatically turn their product data into actionable learnings. 

It all started when Enzo noticed that most companies were struggling to understand how their products were being used, despite having a large data team. Unfortunately, the analytics tools that were available at the time were often overly complex and intimidating, providing little help to these struggling businesses. He quickly realized that this was a problem worth solving, and that’s when the idea for June was born.

As a foreign founder, Enzo knew he needed help incorporating June in the United States. However, when he explored some of the most common business formation services, he found them to be too complicated or too expensive, involving lawyers who couldn’t offer all the guidance he needed.

Enzo was looking for a simple solution that provided hands-on support and advanced assistance. Fortunately, a good friend recommended doola—and it turned out to be a perfect match. 

“We were going to incorporate in the U.S. We started to look for ideal solutions and didn’t see any, the closest thing we found were some very expensive lawyers.”

With our unparalleled expertise and streamlined approach, Enzo was able to establish his company in the U.S. with ease. Now that doola has taken care of all the legal and compliance matters, he and his team can fully focus on growing June to its full potential. 

Listen to Enzo’s experience with doola in detail 👇

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Learn more about Enzo Avigo and his company,  June, and stay up to date on the success of their business.

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