We talked to one of doola's customer, Alex Yehorov, the founder of Keto Pocket Personal Trainer to learn more about his company.

doola Customer Success Stories: Meet doola entrepreneur Alex Yehorov

We had the opportunity to chat with doola entrepreneur, Alex Yehorov, founder of Keto Pocket Personal Trainer to learn more about his LLC and his experience with doola.

Alex Yehorov’s Bio

Alex Yehorov is a fitness coach and founder of Keto Pocket Personal Trainer, an all-in-one fitness guide containing essential health, diet, and lifestyle insights.

Before starting his fitness journey, Alex was just like everyone else—watching countless YouTube videos to get a feel for fitness and how to optimize his training for the best results. But once he achieved mastery of intermittent fasting, working out and keto dieting, he turned a corner and shifted his entire lifestyle.

According to Alex, a lot of so-called fitness gurus spread advice that doesn’t actually work. Now, he works to counter that by providing his clients with tried-and-tested strategies.

“But as I said, when I connected with [Arjun], personally, I found that connection, and I felt like it wasn’t a scam. So I dove into doola right away.”

After working with a competitor, Alex testifies that he didn’t have the best experience. In fact, he was essentially left hanging when this company just dropped him.

“I previously used another company… they just disappeared, they dropped me. I’m really grateful for finding your company….”

Fortunately, Alex found his way to doola, and he has never looked back! We worked together every step of the way in establishing and incorporating what would become his LLC. Not long after, we legally formed Keto Pocket Personal Trainer and helped Alex’s company access the global market.

Video Interview

Learn more about Alex Yehorov and his company, Keto Pocket Personal Trainer, and stay up to date on the success of his business.
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