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Discover if You Can Start an LLC While in the US on an H1B Visa

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July 5, 2022
Learn what your options are for starting a company while on an H1B Visa.
Discover if You Can Start an LLC While in the US on an H1B Visa

People think that being on H1B visa they have to work for a company and cannot open their own company. But that’s not fully true!. You absolutely can start a company in the US on an H-1B or other visas. Yes!, You can’t work for it, but you can register/incorporate it, get it funded, be a shareholder, and do a lot of stuff to get ready to jump over.

So can one be a single-member LLC then? Or does that automatically mean they are “working for it” Or would they have to be a ” multiple-member LLC? “

Ownership in an LLC and “work” aren’t related. You could be a sole owner or one of many owners and there are no issues. If you’re working for that company,(regardless of ownership structure) you need a work visa/work authorization.


You can start your company as long as you do not draw a salary from the company and do not actively “work for” the company. Contact us, Doola will help you in your journey of US company incorporation.

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