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Discover if you can digitally sign the SS-4 form to get your EIN.

Can I Digitally Sign Form SS-4? – Get Your EIN

“IRS has 1 million unprocessed returns and 3 million pieces of unopened mail after COVID-19 wreaked havoc on tax season”


COVID-19 has impacted organizations around the world and the IRS is no exception.

Due to COVID-19 the IRS has relaxed some “wet signature” requirements which means you are able to digitally sign Form SS-4 (Application for an EIN)!

You can read more here in this IRS newsroom update but and if it’s helpful, from our side, digital signatures have worked with no issues for us and we have only been sending in SS-4s with digital signatures (and have been receiving EINs with them!)

Lastly: to get real-time updates on IRS EIN processing times, visit:

And if you need help getting an EIN, let Doola handle the paperwork for you so you can focus on what you do best… building your business

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