Episode #1 - Sahil Bloom


We had an amazing time sitting down with Sahil Bloom to discover how to work on the right things by making positive life changes and improving your environment.

What drives Sahil Bloom? What are his top performing traits to succeed? What is Sahil’s morning routine? Find out all of this and more in our first 15 Minute Founder podcast!


Ancestral Reflections

In this episode we explore Sahil’s mixed-race background and upbringing and the internal struggles of fitting into societal norms, as well as the profound impact of family dynamics on shaping one’s identity.

The Identity Maze

We discussed Sahil’s college days, where he pursued a career in baseball at Stanford. A twist of fate with a shoulder injury steered him away from professional aspirations, leading to reflections on personal identity and changing his life direction.

Sahil’s Pivot Post-COVID

Sahil’s seven-year stint in finance came to an unexpected halt with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This disruption became the catalyst for him to reassess his life’s trajectory, and shift towards something more aligned with his true passions.

The Four Idols

Sahil delves into the concept of the four idols by St. Thomas Aquinas, and how the pursuit of money, power, pleasure, and fame may not necessarily lead to lasting happiness.

Chasing Antelope, Not Field Mice

Drawing on a question inspired by Tim Ferriss, Sahil noted the the importance of distinguishing between hunting antelope (big, impactful tasks) and chasing field mice (small, insignificant tasks). The key lies in focusing on what truly moves the needle forward.

The Morning Routine Blueprint for Success

Everyone’s favorite question: what is his morning routine? Here’s the lowdown: he starts the day at 4:30 am with a cold plunge, a specially crafted morning cocktail, and dedicated work on meaningful projects.

Sahil believes in the power of a disciplined morning routine as it helps to shape a positive and productive mindset for the rest of the day. He says that this simple practice can rewire one’s brain and foster a winner’s mentality.

Changing Your Life by Changing Your Surroundings

Sahil emphasizes the profound impact of environment on one’s life, such as physical spaces, relationships, and digital influences. He says there is an immense transformative power in changing your surroundings to drive personal growth.

Relationship Advice

The majority of your time in a committed relationship is spent engaging in mundane activities — so find someone you enjoy doing nothing with, because it’s the ordinary moments that make it special!

Time stamps:

00:04 – Podcast introduction
00:22 – Sahil Bloom’s story
02:55 – Working on the right things
04:33 – What drives you now
08:40 – Top-performing traits
10:47 – How to make positive changes
14:18 – Sahil’s morning routine
15:25 – Improving your environment
17:11 – Breaking up with friends
18:48 – How to get out of a rut
20:29 – Working hard is risky
23:12 – Biggest relationship advice

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