Values & Non-values

It’s critical to establish team values. We believe it’s equally important to identify team non-values. We’re stronger in driving our mission home with both values and non-values taken into account. Note: Our goal in sharing these up front and transparently is to be as straightforward with people as possible. Our goal is not to be combative in our language, it’s to be straightforward.


Urgency and focus to execute

As a fast-paced, early-stage startup with a massive opportunity for the taking, urgency, and hustle are critical in order to get the ball moving. This is not a structured, slow-paced environment. Each day, we’re facing new initiatives and opportunities. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour; with our global team, so are we.

Taking initiative with a full-stack mentality

We aren’t a team that accomplishes goals by way of micro-managing. We’re a team of self-starters who can take unclear initiatives and run with them. Each of us is a strong believer in fully owning and understanding the parameters of our projects and attacking tasks on an end-to-end basis to ensure they are followed through.

Communicate with candor

We are a global team working from multiple corners of the world. Our style is a hybrid of asynchronous and synchronous communication. That said, some things may get misinterpreted or lost in translation. We maneuver through this by embracing it in the spirit of strengthening our relationships. Always communicate with candor about what your intentions are.

Strong opinions, loosely held

Here at doola, no questions or thoughts are considered off-limits. Everything we do is centered on delivering value to our customers. We can only do this well by leaving our pride and ego at the door. We own up to our mistakes and always share positive feedback with each other.

Aim for your full potential

We are here to disrupt a stagnant industry and change the lives of millions of entrepreneurs. Where we at doola innovate comes from you and your intention of how you want to unlock your own potential. Be extraordinary, not ordinary.

Be trustworthy and always ready to help

We hold our mission dear in terms of turning entrepreneurs’ dreams into reality. This means doing so compliantly and with high accuracy. Trust is a critical component of who we are and what we do – both with each other as team members and of course, with our customers.


Misalignment with the doola mission

As a small team with big goals of innovating wealth creation, we need impactful and dedicated members who also believe in driving the mission forward. We strive to grow our team with people who see beyond the idea of “work” and who instead invest in being part of something greater than themselves. ‍Sanity Check: Ask yourself: is there something else out there I think I truly should be working on or towards right now?

You prefer slow-paced, highly structured work environments

This is a startup, not a 9 to 5 job, and we work like entrepreneurs meaning you should expect to work more than the standard 40-hour workweek. However, we don’t evaluate performance based on “hours in the office.” We focus on impact: we care that customer problems are solved and that work gets done and done well. People who are most effective team members are never afraid to take initiative and be their own self-starters. There is no guidebook to succeed here, as there is certainly no guidebook to successfully disrupt the startup universe! Chart your own path. No one else will do it for you. ‍Sanity Check: Ask yourself: would I be extremely irritated if I got a Slack message from someone on a Sunday evening or after 5 pm? does a fast-paced environment excite you?

We are a team, not a family

At doola, we think of ourselves as a pro sports team, not a rec league team. This means we have stars in every position. Being a team does not mean we don’t have or share values that families have (trust, communication, close-knit bonds, etc) but it does mean we are insistent on high performance. Why? Because the average startup unfortunately dies. The startups that succeed are extraordinary and the only way to be extraordinary is to have an extraordinary team of high performers. Michael Siebel, CEO of YCombinators talk on Extraordinary vs Ordinary and is a must-watch on this topic. Again, we don’t measure work or performance on how many hours are worked; we care about accomplishing great results. B-level performance with A-effort isn’t what we’re looking for at doola; A-level performance is, and it’s rewarded with more responsibility and great pay.

You are a problem identifier, not a problem solver

One of our values is to take initiative with a full-stack mentality and this is the opposite of that. If we see problems, we take action as soon as we can and don’t ask for permission to have an impact. Rather than just being a backseat driver, you’re willing to hop in the driver’s seat, and when you see problems drive towards a solution and get things done.Sanity Check: Ask yourself: do you prefer for a manager to tell you each and everything to work on and how to do it?

You have a “my way” or the “highway” mentality

At doola, we like ego, but we do not stand for egotism. There’s nothing wrong with having a big ego. Ego means self-confidence, self-esteem, and believing in yourself. But we don’t stand for egotism. Egotism means narcissism, selfishness, and arrogance. We are a team of humble yet smart individuals who are extremely confident in our abilities to deliver value. However, we treat each other with respect and dignity and this comes across all interactions and differences we might have at work and in our personal lives. We are inclusive, open-minded, and can disagree with others without it getting personal. At doola, we build ego and eliminate egotism. ‍Sanity check: Ask yourself: when you read a16z’s value: “We are all different, we recognize that, and we win,” does it resonate?