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What is a Single-Member LLC? Should You Use This Structure?

A Single-Member LLC is a limited liability company with one member only. Typically, small businesses choose to work as single-member companies rather than corporations. It works just like any other LLC would and you can enjoy the same tax benefits. The only difference is that one person owns it!

When you own a business, you work for yourself, and it’s both rewarding & challenging at the same time. Being an owner of the business means you are in complete control of your business, but its tough as others might not recognize you as a complete business. For such businesses, registering as a limited liability company has huge benefits. It lets them operate as a sole proprietorship business while enjoying the tax benefits as a corporation at the same time.

A Single-Member LLC is the ideal place to start for those individuals who are the only person involved in their business.

Single-Member LLC – What Makes It Unique

The government sees single-member LLCs as just LLCs. In terms of the paperwork, the whole process to become a single-member LLC is the same as to become an LLC.

Being a single-member LLC doesn’t mean you can’t have employees in your company. However, there can’t be another “voting member” in the company, which means the person listed as the single-member LLC owner makes the major decisions about the business.

As the name suggests, LLC limits the liability of the owner. Being registered as a single-member LLC means the owner will not be held accountable if the company gets sued or declares bankruptcy.

When registering your business as a single-member LLC, you can also choose to be treated as a corporation so you can enjoy the same tax benefits as a corporation would. It requires you to file your income tax return separately.

Registering your business as a single-member LLC works great for small businesses that are more likely to face bankruptcy and other such events.

A single-member LLC doesn’t have to issue stock details or keep a track record of formal meetings that corporations would do. And a single-member LLC pays an annual renewal fee to its state!

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Single-Member LLC?

Businesses that are owned by only one owner prefer to remain sole proprietorship; however, it pays off well to become an SMLLC because of the benefits that come with it.

Here are some amazing benefits that make it worth to switch from a sole proprietorship to SMLLC or to create a SMLLC in the first place!

●     You’ll be recognized as an LLC.

●     Your LLC name is registered with the state, and no other business in the state can use the same name.

●     Only the business is liable, and your assets remain secure, which gives you great peace of mind.

●     Businesses with LLC in their name are generally looked at as “official” or professional businesses, allowing you to attract better clients and/or more clients.

●     It helps to avoid significant impacts when declaring bankruptcy or going through a lawsuit; your assets remain protected!

When you want to make the switch from a sole proprietorship to SMLLC, always consult an expert.

And if you want to launch your US SMLLC today, look no further, we’re here to help! Let us handle the details so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business

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