We talk to Doola entrepreneur Zach Ranen of RAIZE to learn more about their company and their experience using Doola.

Doola Customer Success Stories: Meet Entrepreneur Zach Ranen

We had the opportunity to chat with doola entrepreneur, Zach Ranen, founder of RAIZE, to learn more about his company and his experience using doola.

Zach Ranen’s Bio

Zach Ranen is an alumnus of the Wharton School where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and Beta Gamma Sigma with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics.

Upon graduating, he spent three years in private equity at Warburg Pincus before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. Zach is now Founder & CEO at RAIZE, a no-sugar-added, low-carb, gluten-free online bakery based out of New York City.

A true dessert enthusiast who was eager to find a healthy balance between his fitness and his love of sweets, he realized there wasn’t any bakeries that allowed him to enjoy a fresh baked cookie that aligned with his diet. Although New York City is home to dozens of gluten-free and vegan bakeries, there has yet to be a bakery dedicated to baking no-sugar added goods. Zach quickly researched the competitive landscape and saw an opportunity for his business idea to grow. Thus, RAIZE, came to life!

“‍I’m a dessert lover and I’m also very interested in nutrition. I wanted to bring these products to the world and hopefully make others as passionate about them as I am.”

Since RAIZE’s formation, the company has had $124k in sales, existing customer revenue is up by 65% MoM and their new customer revenue has an increase of 126% MoM.

Although Zach hadn’t formed a company yet, he was testing out his product idea in his very own kitchen and handing them out to family and friends for honest feedback. Once he realized others enjoyed his idea as well, he went out to search for a professional chef to partner with. That’s when doola came in.

“The process was quick and easy”

Once Zach had realized he needed a chef and other business expenses, he began to search for a service that allowed him to legally form his company and assist him with getting a bank account for RAIZE. He had done some prior research on what business entity he should form but after meeting with one of doola’s experts and having a free consultation, Zach realized doola should handle his business formation for him.

I started RAIZE with doola and use them for tax filing and compliance. Great product and service

Zach Ranen has been a proud customer of doola since 2021 and continues to use our services to elevate the success of his company, RAIZE.

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Video Interview

Learn more about Zach Ranen and his company, RAIZE, to stay up to date on the success of their business.

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