We had the opportunity to chat with doola entrepreneur, Alex Lieberman, founder of The Plunge to learn more about his company and his experience using doola.

Alex Lieberman’s Bio

Alex Lieberman, originally from New York, studied at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), in Financial Markets and Real Estate.

He began writing engaging newsletters on finance and business after lining up his first job with Morgan Stanley. Thus, Lieberman’s first business was born, Morning Brew. Although he had much success with his first venture, he didn’t stop there.

Lieberman’s new project, The Plunge, brings the thrill of axe-throwing to the convenience of your backyard. The rules? Each player gets four plunger throws per round. Winner of a round gets 1 point and the goal is to reach 7 points.

“Starting a business is unnecessarily annoying and complex”

Alex Lieberman chose doola because of how straightforward they advertised their business formation to be. Our experts guided him through the process, advised Lieberman on what type of company he should form and answered any questions he had on business formation. He was quickly convinced and signed up for doola’s business formation and banking services.

“I created my LLC with it. I thought it was very smooth, it was done within a day and all I hit was like 5 buttons”

Alex Lieberman has been a proud customer of doola since February 2023 and continues to use our banking services to elevate the success of his company, The Plunge.

Watch Alex’s talk about how he came up with the idea for The Plunge, his experience with doola and his campaign to promote The Plunge in Times Square. ????

Video Interview


Learn more about Alex Lieberman and his company, The Plunge to stay up to date on the success of his business.

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