How To Get Rich In The Digital Age | Arjun Mahadevan

June 5, 2023

How To Get Rich In The Digital Age? Arjun Mahadevan is the Co-founder and CEO of @Doolahq, a company that helps individuals launch a US-based company from anywhere in the world.

In this episode, Arjun Mahadevan breaks down his viral tweet about asymmetric opportunity. Dives deep into the world of entrepreneurship, revealing life hacks and strategies for success. Explains how he got the courage to start his own company. The importance of surrounding yourself with the right type of people.


00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:09 – The Power of Video Content
00:04:31 – The Power of Written Content
00:09:19 – The Pixar Story Spine
00:11:38 – The Key to content creation
00:14:12 – The Fear of Taking Your Shot
00:16:40 – You need to be Shameless
00:18:58 – The Cost of Regret
00:21:17 – The Power of Momentum
00:23:37 – Building Momentum and Overcoming Self-Doubt
00:26:03 – Why you must Surround Yourself with the Right People
00:30:31 – Taking Action is the biggest indicator of success
00:35:23 – The Power of Standing Out
00:44:33 – David Goggins’ 40% Rule
00:51:53 – Embracing the Circus and Pushing Yourself to Do More
00:56:38 – The Importance of Finding the Right People and Letting Go to Improve Your Startup
00:58:54 – Learning Sales
01:05:53 – Mastering the Craft and Taking the Leap: A Conversation with David Shapiro
01:08:26 – Arjun’s Founding story
01:10:51 – The American Dream and Drive to Succeed
01:12:59 – The Benefit of Starting a Business
01:15:12 – The Impact of Content and Taking Risks
01:20:14 – Breaking the Mold and Taking Risks
01:25:12 – The Attraction to Extremes and the Importance of Pushing Boundaries
01:27:24 – The Importance of Enjoying the Process
01:29:39 – The Grind and Iteration of Success
01:32:08 – The Power of Showing Up, and the Cost of Obsession
01:39:31 – Overcoming Fear to Pursue Asymmetric Opportunities
01:41:51 – The Fear of Failure and Moving Forward in Business
01:51:31 – Achieving Your Dream Career with Free Agency