Arjun Mahadevan’s Mission To Help Anyone Start Their Dream Company With Doola

October 11, 2023

In this episode of the Virtual Ventures Podcast, Andres Sanchez is joined by Arjun Mahadevan, the CEO of Doola. Arjun shares his insights on the power of shifting perspectives and how it can have a profound impact on our lives. He discusses the importance of following up and how reframing it as a favor to the other person can change our mindset. Arjun also talks about his mission to help 1 billion people start their dream businesses. Don’t miss out on this enlightening conversation!

[00:00:06] Shifting Perspectives.
[00:03:11] Cultural mixing pot in America.
[00:07:09] Everyone has a side hustle.
[00:10:22] Small snow plowing business.
[00:12:35] Fitting in is boring.
[00:17:46] Making a big investment.
[00:19:21] Working at Dropbox.
[00:21:14] Fake it till you make it.
[00:24:00] Asymmetric upside opportunities.
[00:27:00] Creating Serendipity.
[00:30:24] The fear of what others think.
[00:34:26] Putting ideas out there.
[00:37:09] Revenue is a business.
[00:39:32] Customer acquisition costs.
[00:42:01] Superbowl ad for entrepreneurship.
[00:46:12] Ignore the crabs.
[00:48:24] Following up and networking.