doola Partners With On Deck to Enable Founders Internationally to Go From Idea to Incorporation

January 24, 2024

doola helps global entrepreneurs easily set up an LLC, C Corp, or DAO LLC in the U.S. (Wyoming, Delaware, and all other states) with support, including EIN, U.S. address, U.S. bank account, payment gateway, and ongoing state compliance and IRS tax filings.

NEW YORK, January 24, 2024 ( – doola announces partnership with On Deck:

  • doola helps global entrepreneurs start a U.S. business with support, including EIN, U.S. address, bank account, and tax filings.
  • ODF20 is an intense one-week in-person experience in SF where talented founders explore starting companies, developing ideas, and meeting potential collaborators.
  • Business growth is at all-time highs: U.S. monthly business applications are over 400K per month (on track for 5M+ formations in 2024 in the U.S.), and there are 400M small businesses operating internationally.

doola announced today that they have partnered with On Deck to facilitate founders internationally in moving from concept to incorporation. This partnership unites two global companies that work with founders at the earliest stages to help them navigate the most foundational and formative moments that occur when getting a business off the ground.

doola’s signature Business-in-a-Box™ for LLCs simplifies the process of forming a company, along with long-term post-formation support for entrepreneurs worldwide. Business owners no longer need to piece multiple solutions together, from company formation to obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and opening and managing bank accounts; doola streamlines every step. 

With the innovation economy flourishing, doola supports business builders of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds in their entrepreneurial endeavors by allowing them to focus on their crafts while the platform seamlessly takes care of unsexy yet required backend business management functions, like tax compliance and bookkeeping.

“One of our goals at On Deck is for ODF founders to build much of the critical infrastructure to help other founders build the best startups. It’s great to partner with ODF companies (like doola from ODF1) providing these critical resources,” said Julian Weisser, CEO of On Deck. “doola’s solution aligns with our goal to help founders build the best products and services no matter where they are based. We look forward to working together to help startups in our community continue to grow.”

Arjun Mahadevan, Founder and CEO of doola, said, “I fundamentally believe that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. And before you can go 0 to 1 and reach product-market fit, you have to go from 0 to 0.1 and get your business off the ground. But the anxiety around this step stops many people from even getting started. doola has made it click-button easy to start a business and keep it 100% compliant from anywhere in the world. Together with On Deck, we can help founders make it through this initial stage and increase the number of founders globally.

About doola

doola (YCombinator S20) helps entrepreneurs form U.S. LLCs, C Corps, and DAO LLCs by supporting customers through the incorporation process so they can confidently collect payments, build credibility, stay legal, and make more money. doola provides company formation, an EIN, a U.S. address and bank account, access to U.S. payments, a free tax consultation, U.S. tax support, a phone number, $1,000,000 in startup perks, and more. Today, thousands of companies have launched with doola, and these founders didn’t need a U.S. social security number to benefit from doola’s products and services. To date, doola has raised $13M in venture capital from YCombinator, Nexus Venture Partners, the YC Continuity Fund and more (HQ: New York City).

About On Deck

On Deck is a one-week, in-person sprint designed to help founders figure out what company to build, and with whom. On Deck’s online network of 2,000+ global founders combines community, software and IRL events to help build early product momentum, get distribution, and raise capital.

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