Don’t stress over dissolution. Let us help you formally, and compliantly dissolve your LLC or Corporation.

Sometimes, good things come to an end. Let Doola help you submit your Articles of Dissolution to the state today.
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How it works

We’ll help you dissolve your Company in three easy steps

Collect Information
We’ll need to collect some basic information on your LLC or Corporation.
Prepare Forms
We’ll prepare your Articles of Dissolution and let you know if we need anything else from you.
It’s Official
Once the State lets us know your company has formally been dissolved, you’ll be the first to know.
Other Dissolution Alternatives
Why it matters?
$299 + state fees
$500+ to dissolve your company
Only $299 + state fees
Why pay a premium in dissolving your company?
We formally dissolve your company by submitting your Articles of Dissolution to the State. We do not “administratively” dissolve your company.
This is a dissolution process you can trust is done correctly.
Experience a clean and official company closure with the state.
Rest assured that the process is handled by Doola in a timely and efficient fashion with the State.
Your company is dissolved on a specific day.
No ambiguous time windows; only concrete dissolution dates.
There are no fees to reinstate your company if you wish
Reinstate your company, anytime, for free.
Delaware Corporation State Fees: $200*
Choose a fast and easy way to dissolve your Delaware Corporation.
Wyoming LLC State Fees: $50
Choose a fast and easy way to dissolve your Wyoming LLC.
*You may qualify for a short form dissolution form which costs $10.
Choose a cost-effective way of initiating a short form dissolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I have more questions?
What is an LLC (Limited Liability Company)?
What is an EIN?
What is an ITIN?
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