What is up, arjun from doola here with the THIRD public investor update of 2023.

You can also read this update on Twitter and see all previous weekly updates in the MEGA THREAD:

Without further ado, lets doola it and dive in!

WoW Growth Summary ????

• ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue): $XM +3.69% (vs +2.23% last week)

• Subscribers: XK +4.12% (vs +3.62% last week)

Image Source: Startup = Growth, by @paulg

Key Ask ????

• Hiring for a brand/creative director to oversee creative across owned, earned & paid channels including direct mail, lifecycle, direct marketing & social.

• $5K referral bonus

• DMs open for recs!

Team ????

• Current Full-Time Team (33)

• Hiring (Top 3 Roles): Brand/Creative Director, Head of Finance, Executive Assistant

• Link to Careers Page: https://doola.com/careers

Mission ????

• Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not.

• Our mission is to unlock the potential of human entrepreneurship and democratize access to the US financial ecosystem by empowering 1M founders globally to turn their dream idea into their dream US business.

@doolaHQ Lowlight ????

• Slight delay in shipping a key next step for the doola Company Formation API: https://doola.com/company-formation-api

• On track to have the next release out by the beginning of February.

@doolaHQ Highlight ????

• New ATH in weekly business formations!

• New Growth PM signed!

• Joined ???? The Unsexy Webinar ???? Bookkeeping Automation, VAT , Sales Tax, Accounting and Business Setup! You can watch the full recording on YouTube: https://youtu.be/lNtU3xg4gJg?t=2485

Personal Lowlight ????

• Struggled with overcoming jetlag last week after coming back from India, leading to poor sleep, a weaker immune system, and nagging cold symptoms last week.

• H20, Vitamin C, and sleep are the key to a speedy recovery.

Personal Highlight ????

• Despite not being at 100% physically, hit a new PR in the gym (4x90lb weighted pullups) 

Customer Story ????

• “It’s online, with an offline touch which is personalized, quick and remarkable.”

• “High tech, high touch,” is a slogan we have internally for the type of experience we want people to feel like they’re having with doola.

Thanks & Kudos ????

• @SahilBloom for insights on how to improve reach on Linkedin + Twitter

• @ankurnagpal for the reach out re collab-ing on formation-related educational content

• @MayaBakhai for partnership intro

• @rohinip for the rec on a customer interview tool

And that’s a wrap!

Any feedback on this weekly update? Too long? Too short? Any questions or concerns? Any metrics you’d like to see? Please let me know and hit reply (I read every email I get) ????

See you next week ????

Tim Turner
Tim Turner
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