Learn what a Foreign LLC is and if it's the right choice for your situation as an international founder.

What is a Foreign LLC? Learn if You Need One

What Is a Foreign LLC?

A foreign LLC is an LLC that was formed in one state, but is registered in another to do business. It is called a ‘foreign LLC’ because the LLC is *foreign* to the new state, not because it is an international company.

The main reason for creating a Foreign LLC is that you do your business in a state that you are *not* incorporated in. Some indicators that you will need a foreign LLC include, but are not limited to:

– A warehouse in the state
– A store in the state
– An office in the state
– Paid employees in the state

A common phrase used is if you have ‘physical assets’ in a state.

How Do I File For a Foreign LLC?

There are forms that you need to file, and they will go by one of the following names:

– Certificate of Authority
– Application for Authority
– Foreign LLC Registration
– Something similar to the names above

You will also need the following documents to create your Foreign LLC:

– Certificate of Existence or Certificate of Good Standing

Once those forms are filled, you will have to pay an incorporation fee in the state you desire to be registered in. There is also a handling fee that states normally charge as well.

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