The LLC model has advantages like a democratic voting process modeled after the DAO where everyone can participate and limited liability for its owners.

You can learn more about LLCs and how they operate if you don’t already know. Let’s discuss the advantages of forming a DAO LLC in Wyoming in the interim.

These organizations will enjoy the same benefits and be structured similarly because Wyoming has granted DAOs the same rights as LLCs. 

The following are some advantages of setting up a Wyoming DAO LLC for you:

Safeguard Your Resources

LLCs are very popular due to the owners’ limited liability protection. Using a DAO LLC incorporation offers the same benefit, and it might even be more desirable given that the company is solely managed by its members rather than owners or partners.

Limited liability protects your assets from any legal issues the business may face, which is a benefit. 

For instance, the private assets of the members cannot be used to settle debts if the organization is sued.

Simple Document Creation

It is simple to create a DAO LLC from scratch. Making a mission statement outlining the features and organizational structure of a typical DAO would typically be the first step in the process. 

Things will go differently and possibly even more smoothly for a DAO LLC.

Although we hate repeating ourselves, DAO LLCs typically operate per the typical LLC business model. Your articles of organization, which we will go over in more detail later, will be the first document you draft.

Avoid Filing Two Tax Returns

A DAO LLC’s taxes will be managed following its articles of incorporation.

LLCs prevent double taxation, so neither the business nor the owners are in charge of covering their taxes. You can save time, money, and paperwork, which is advantageous. In terms of taxes, Wyoming DAOs will be structured similarly to LLCs.

This is a huge plus because regular DAOs (as of March 2022) currently fall into a gray area regarding how they should pay taxes. In contrast to DAO LLCs.

The members’ individual income tax returns will be used to tax the organization’s earnings. The icing on the cake would be for group members to be able to deduct 20% of their business income under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Speak with a qualified professional if you need any additional information about the taxes that your DAO LLC is required to pay.

Starting With Ease

Because it will adhere to the LLC structure, Wyoming is an excellent state to launch a DAO. Because they provide advantages like limited liability, appealing tax features, and an easy startup process, LLCs are very well-liked by business owners.

In Wyoming, creating a DAO LLC follows the same steps as creating a regular LLC. One can be made with the same expenses and procedures as an LLC.

The “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” option, which can be selected as the additional designation for your LLC, is one of the few minor variations.

A list of frequently asked questions about forming a DAO LLC is available on the Wyoming Secretary of State’s website.


Compared to other business types, DAOs and DAO LLCs are more recent business structures. DAOs are seen as the future of business models by younger generations and contemporary internet users. Wyoming has already set the bar for its legalization, suggesting that DAOs are becoming more and more popular nationwide. To begin one right away, consult with DAO experts.

Doola is a dependable partner for helping foreign entrepreneurs successfully launch their companies in the US. We assist our customers in incorporating, using US payment systems, and remaining legal year after year through ongoing support, business fundamentals, and a global-first mindset. If you need DAO experts, get in touch with us!

Arjun Mahadevan
Arjun Mahadevan
Founder & CEO
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