Beyond Medical Transcription: 27 Side Hustles for Pharmacists

Are you a pharmacist looking for extra income? Perhaps you want to pay off student loans faster or save up for a down payment on a house. Whatever your goals may be, there are side hustles that can help you achieve them.

Pharmacists have a unique set of skills and knowledge that can be applied to various industries. In today’s gig economy, there are countless opportunities to earn extra money outside your full-time job.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Side Hustle as a Pharmacist

Starting a side hustle as a pharmacist can be an excellent way to explore additional income streams and pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations. Here are five steps to help you get started:

1. Increase Your Income

Starting a side hustle as a pharmacist is one of the best ways to increase your income. By taking on additional work, you can supplement your existing salary and make money without having to change jobs or take on additional hours in your current role. Furthermore, side hustles provide you with an opportunity to explore new areas of interest in healthcare that you may not be able to explore in your traditional role.

2. Gain Valuable Experience

Side hustles not only provide you with extra income, but they also give you the chance to gain valuable experience and develop new skills. By taking on additional work, you can learn about different areas of healthcare such as insurance and drug regulations. This knowledge will come in handy if you ever decide to switch positions or pursue a new career.

3. Improve Your Network

Side hustles also give you the opportunity to build relationships with people in the healthcare industry. You can use these connections to learn valuable information and gain insight into different areas of healthcare. Additionally, having a strong network can help advance your career or even find a job if you ever need one. 

Top Side Hustles for Pharmacists

If you’re a pharmacist looking for a side hustle, you’re in luck. There are several part-time jobs and entrepreneurial ventures that can supplement your income. From consulting to freelancing, here are some side hustles for pharmacists to consider.

Become a Medical Writer

Medical writing is a perfect side hustle for pharmacists because it allows you to leverage your expertise in the medical field to help inform the public about health topics or write scientific publications. You have an advantage over other medical writers because of your knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical industry. This makes you well-suited to write about drugs, supplements, and consumer health products.

To get started, you can look for freelance medical writing opportunities on websites like Upwork or Guru. You may also want to consider joining professional associations that specialize in medical writing, such as the American Medical Writers Association. 

If you earn at least $600 through medical writing, you will receive a 1099 form. At this stage, it is recommended to establish an LLC  to deduct the cost of equipment and materials used in assisting your clients.

Start a Consulting Business

If you’re a pharmacist looking to supplement your income, starting a consulting business could be the perfect side hustle for you. As a pharmacist, you have many years of experience and knowledge that other businesses may find valuable. Your expertise in pharmaceuticals can help companies, such as hospitals and pharmacies, make better decisions and improve their operations.

You’ll need to research the different types of consulting services that are available and determine which area of pharmacy you would like to focus on. Once you have determined your specialty, you can start marketing yourself as a consultant and look for potential clients. You may also want to consider joining professional associations that specialize in pharmacy consulting, such as the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists.

Become a Professor or Lecturer

Pharmacists have the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with a new generation by becoming a professor or a lecturer at a university, college, or pharmacy school. Becoming an educator allows you to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field of pharmacy while also having the opportunity to shape and mold future pharmacists.

To become a professor or lecturer, you will need to meet the qualifications and experience requirements for the position. You should also have strong communication skills and be comfortable teaching in a classroom setting.

Fill Out Pharmacy Surveys

As a pharmacist, you can make some extra money by filling out surveys related to pharmacy. Many companies conduct research related to pharmacy, and they are willing to pay for your opinion on the topics. By participating in these surveys, you can earn extra income and help shape the future of pharmacy.

The types of surveys vary widely, from asking about your experience with certain medications to finding out what changes you would like to see in the industry. You can usually find pharmacy surveys on websites such as Survey Junkie or Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Become a Public Speaker

As a pharmacist, you have unique insight and expertise that can be extremely valuable to a variety of audiences. Becoming a public speaker is an excellent way to leverage your skills and knowledge to make extra money on the side.

You can begin by looking for speaking engagements in your local community or even exploring virtual presentation opportunities. You may want to focus on topics related to pharmacology such as medication safety, disease management, or the opioid crisis.

Public speaking requires strong communication skills and the ability to engage an audience. You may also want to consider joining professional organizations such as Toastmasters International, which can help you develop your public speaking skills.

Lead Continuing Education (CE) Presentations

As a pharmacist, you have the opportunity to monetize your expertise by teaching continuing education (CE) presentations. CE presentations are an effective way to demonstrate your knowledge and share it with other medical professionals. With the right preparation and presentation skills, you can draw on your experience as a pharmacist and create compelling CE presentations that are informative, engaging, and profitable.

When creating your CE presentations, consider developing topics that relate to your specialty or area of expertise. Additionally, be sure to research the audience and tailor your presentation accordingly. You may also want to consider joining a professional association such as the American Society for Pharmacy Education (ASPE).

Explore Life Coaching

As a pharmacist, you have the knowledge and experience to become a life coach. This type of coaching is focused on helping individuals reach their personal goals and tap into their potential. As a life coach, you would be responsible for asking questions that will help your clients explore their values, beliefs, and desires. You may need to conduct research in order to develop effective strategies that can help your clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Start a Podcast

Podcasts have become immensely popular in recent years and with good reason. They’re a great way to share your knowledge, experiences, and opinions with the world in an engaging and entertaining format. Pharmacists can use podcasts to discuss their industry, provide helpful tips on medication best practices, or even offer advice on how to manage a successful side hustle. Starting a podcast is relatively easy, and you can use it as a platform to monetize your expertise.

If starting a podcast seems like an overwhelming task, don’t worry. There are plenty of great resources available to help you get started. You may want to consider joining online forums for aspiring podcasters or attending a webinar on how to launch your show. With the right preparation and dedication, you can make your podcast a success.

Become a Grant Writer

As a pharmacist, you can leverage your knowledge and experience to help organizations secure the financial support they need to achieve their goals. Grant writing is a great way to earn additional income as a side hustle.

Grant writers are responsible for researching, preparing, and submitting grant proposals to foundations, corporations, government agencies, and other organizations that provide funding. In addition to researching and writing grant proposals, you may also be responsible for developing budgets, completing applications, and following up with potential funders.

To become a successful grant writer, you need to have excellent research skills and an understanding of the grant process. You should also be comfortable working with deadlines and have strong written communication skills. With the right preparation and dedication, you can make grant writing a lucrative side hustle.

Serve as an Expert Witness

Pharmacists can serve as an expert witness in legal cases and proceedings. In this capacity, they provide evidence on the standards of care for pharmacists, professional ethical considerations, and other areas of expertise related to their profession. This is a great opportunity for pharmacists who are looking to supplement their income with a side hustle.

In order to become an expert witness, you need to have a thorough understanding of your profession and be able to explain complex concepts in a simplified manner. They should also be comfortable working with deadlines, speaking in public, and interacting with attorneys and other legal professionals. With the right credentials and dedication, pharmacists can make a lucrative income as an expert witness.

Start a Resource Blog

Creating a resource blog is a great side hustle for pharmacists who want to make extra money and share their expertise with others. With the right content and promotional strategy, a pharmacist can create a successful blog that provides valuable resources to its readers.

When creating a resource blog for pharmacists, the first step is to decide what type of content you want to provide. If your goal is to make money, you may want to focus on topics related to medication best practices, health insurance, or drug interactions. You can also use your blog as a platform to discuss industry news or offer tips and advice for other pharmacists.

Once you’ve decided on the type of content you want to provide, the next step is to create and promote your blog. This involves writing engaging content, promoting your blog on social media, and optimizing your website for search engines. With the right preparation and dedication, you can create a successful resource blog for pharmacists.

Provide Test Prep Resources and Services

Pharmacists are in an ideal position to provide test prep resources and services because of their knowledge and expertise in the field. Test prep can be a great side hustle for pharmacists, as it allows them to help others while also making some extra money.

Pharmacists have a wealth of knowledge about medication and drug interactions, so they can assist those preparing for exams such as the NAPLEX, MPJE, and PTCB.

In order to provide test prep services, pharmacists need to have a thorough understanding of the exam material and be comfortable working with students. Pharmacists can either create their own test prep resources or partner with established companies to provide services on their behalf. With the right preparation and dedication, you can make test prep a lucrative side hustle.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re a pharmacist looking to make some extra money, then becoming a virtual assistant (VA) may be the perfect side hustle for you. As a virtual assistant, you’ll provide administrative and other business-related services to clients via the Internet from your home or office. This is an excellent way of using your skills and knowledge to help others while earning some extra income in the process.

In order to become a virtual assistant, you’ll need to have excellent organizational and communication skills, as well as a good understanding of the pharmacist profession. You should also be comfortable working with computers and software, such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite. With the right qualifications and dedication, you can make a great income as a virtual assistant.

If you earn $600 or more through virtual assistance, you will be issued a 1099 form. It is advisable to form an LLC at this stage to deduct the cost of equipment and materials used in assisting clients.

Create a Support Group

As a pharmacist, one of the best ways to leverage your expertise and make some extra money is by creating a support group. By offering a networking platform, you can provide advice and support for pharmacists who are looking to start their businesses or just need some help with navigating the industry. You could also offer online classes or webinars that cover topics such as pharmacy regulations, medication management, and more.

Creating a support group is a great way to share your knowledge and make some extra money in the process. You can either charge a fee for membership or offer free services in exchange for donations. With the right strategy and dedication, you can create a successful support group that helps other pharmacists reach their goals. 

Become a Proofreader

Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who have extensive experience in the field of medicine. With this knowledge, they can make great use of their expertise to start a successful side hustle. One option for pharmacists is to become a proofreader. Proofreading requires attention to detail and an understanding of medical terminology, both of which pharmacists possess.

Proofreading involves examining documents for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. This is an excellent way to make some extra money while using your expertise as a pharmacist. You can either find clients on your own or work with established companies that offer proofreading services. With the right approach and dedication, you can make a successful side hustle out of proofreading. 

Tutor Pharmacy Students

For pharmacists looking to make some extra money and use their knowledge to help others, tutoring pharmacy students is a great way to do it. You are uniquely qualified to tutor aspiring pharmacists—not only do you have the education and experience needed to teach pharmacology, but you understand the demands of the profession and can offer insight into what it’s like to be a pharmacist.

Tutoring pharmacy students is a great way to make some extra money while sharing your expertise. You can either work with established companies that provide tutoring services or find clients on your own. With the right preparation and dedication, you can make a great income from tutoring pharmacy students.

Become a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are in high demand, and it’s not hard to see why—they provide a valuable service. As a medical transcriptionist, you’ll be responsible for transcribing audio recordings of patient information from doctors and other healthcare providers into written documents.

Pharmacists make great medical transcriptionists because they have an extensive background in medicine and understand the language used in healthcare contexts. This makes you well-suited to the demands of medical transcription. With the right preparation and dedication, you can make a great income as a medical transcriptionist. 


Telepharmacy is an increasingly popular side hustle for pharmacists looking to supplement their income. The practice involves providing pharmacy services remotely, either through video conferencing or other digital technology. This allows you to offer advice and medication management services to patients in locations that don’t have a local pharmacy or when staff shortages occur.

In many cases, telepharmacy requires you to have additional certification, so it’s important to check your state’s regulations for practicing telepharmacy. With the right preparation and dedication, you can make a great income from telepharmacy.

Start a YouTube Channel

Pharmacists are often seen as the experts in the world of medicine, and what better way to share their knowledge than by launching a YouTube channel. With a YouTube channel, you can provide educational content and useful tips to your viewers about topics such as how to properly take medicines, common drug interactions, side effects of drugs, etc. You can even create videos demonstrating how different medications work and what to look out for when taking them.

Starting a YouTube channel is quite simple and requires no technical expertise. You just need to create an account, upload videos, and start growing your followers. With the right dedication and research, you can make a great income from creating educational content on YouTube.

Drive for Others with Uber or Lyft

If you’re a pharmacist looking to make some extra income, one great way to do so is by driving for Uber or Lyft. As a driver, you’ll be able to set your own hours and work as much or as little as you’d like. You can even choose which rides you’d like to take so that it fits your schedule.

Sell Products Online

Pharmacists can use their medical and business knowledge to sell products online. By setting up an e-commerce website, you can create an opportunity to market and sell your own products or those of other vendors. This side hustle allows you the flexibility to choose products that fit your interests or values, as well as gives you a chance to learn more about starting a business by developing your own e-commerce platform.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a great side hustle for pharmacists looking to make some extra money. Mystery shopping involves visiting a pharmacy, or other types of businesses, and providing feedback on the service levels, product knowledge, and pricing. As a mystery shopper, you would be required to evaluate the store’s customer service, check-out process, product availability, and any other services offered.

The benefits of mystery shopping as a side hustle for pharmacists are that it allows you to work flexible hours and make money while learning more about the field of pharmacy. Plus, it’s always fun to get paid to shop!

Become a Part-Time Real Estate Agent

Real estate can be an incredibly rewarding and lucrative side hustle for pharmacists. The first step to becoming a real estate agent is completing the necessary education and taking the licensing exams. Depending on your state, you may need to take classes in real estate finance, law, principles of real estate, and more. Once you’ve completed all the requirements, you’ll be able to start selling homes and make a great income.

Pick Up Photography and Sell Stock Photos

Photography is a great side hustle for pharmacists who have an eye for capturing beautiful images. With stock photography, you can make money by licensing your photos to be used commercially by companies and individuals around the world. You can easily sell your photos online through platforms such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, or iStockPhoto.

The beauty of selling stock photos as a side hustle for pharmacists is that you can take your photos at any time and in any place, making it a great way to make some extra income without taking too much time away from your full-time job.

Rent Things Out

Renting out items can be a great way for pharmacists to make money on the side. You can rent out things like medical equipment, party supplies, and furniture that you have in your home or office. For example, if you have hospital beds in your pharmacy, you could rent them out to healthcare providers for temporary use. Or if you own sound equipment, you could offer it on rent for wedding receptions or other events. With this side hustle, pharmacists can make money by monetizing the things they already own.

Try Pet Sitting

If you’re a pharmacist who is looking for a side hustle, pet sitting might be the perfect job for you. This can be a great way to make some extra money while also getting to spend time with animals. Pet sitting involves taking care of someone’s pet when they are away on vacation or business trips. You will typically need to feed the pets, take them for walks, and keep them safe and comfortable.

To get started, you should find an online platform to advertise your services and create a profile. Often, there are pet-sitting websites specifically designed for this purpose, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find clients in your area.

Consider Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is a great side hustle for pharmacists. With the knowledge of finance and healthcare, pharmacists have the perfect skill set to find success in this type of venture. From flipping homes to long-term rentals, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to real estate investing.

5 Steps to Start Your Side Hustle as a Pharmacist

Starting a side hustle as a pharmacist can be an excellent way to explore additional income streams and pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations. Here are five steps to help you get started:

1. Identify Your Side Hustle Idea

Consider your skills, interests, and knowledge as a pharmacist, and brainstorm potential side hustle ideas. This could involve leveraging your expertise in areas such as consulting, writing, teaching, or creating healthcare-related products.

2. Research Market Viability

Once you have a few ideas, conduct market research to determine the viability of your side hustle. Look into the demand for your services or products, identify your target audience, and assess potential competitors. This research will help you refine your idea and understand if there is a market for it.

3. Develop a Business Plan

Create a business plan that outlines your goals, target market, pricing strategy, marketing plan, and financial projections. This plan will serve as a roadmap for your side hustle and help you stay organized and focused. It’s essential to have a clear understanding of your objectives and how you plan to achieve them.

4. Build Your Network

Networking is crucial for any business venture. Connect with other professionals in the healthcare industry, attend relevant conferences or events, and join pharmacist or entrepreneurial communities both online and offline. Networking can provide valuable insights, collaborations, and potential clients or customers.

5. Launch and Promote Your Side Hustle

Once you’ve refined your idea, developed a plan, and built a network, it’s time to launch your side hustle. Create a professional brand identity, such as a logo and website, if needed. Utilize various marketing channels, including social media platforms, email marketing, and content creation, to promote your services or products. Be consistent and engage with your audience regularly.

Remember, balancing your side hustle with your primary role as a pharmacist is crucial. Ensure you understand and comply with any legal and ethical considerations specific to your profession and consult with your employer or relevant authorities, if necessary.

Maxime Your Earnings with Side Hustles

Side hustles are an excellent way for pharmacists who would like to increase their incomes, gain professional experience in different areas, and bring more value to their patients. Side hustles can allow you to pursue your passions outside the pharmacy setting. Taking advantage of side hustles makes you engage with your community and help make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Balancing a full-time job and a side business can be challenging. Doola offers bookkeeping services, assistance with income and expense management, as well as tax administration during tax season. Contact us for more information.


How much time do I need to devote to my side hustle?

The amount of time that you need to devote to your side hustle depends on the type of hustle and your personal schedule. Many side hustles can be done on a part-time basis, working a few hours each week.

Can I get started on my side hustle while still working as a full-time pharmacist?

Yes, many side hustles can be done in your spare time while still working as a full-time pharmacist. Just be sure to check with your employer about any potential conflicts of interest.

How long does it take to make money from a side hustle?

The amount of time it takes to make money from a side hustle varies depending on the hustle and your commitment level. Some side hustles can start generating income relatively quickly, while others may take several months or even longer.

Do I need any special skills to start a side hustle as a pharmacist?

It depends on the side hustle you choose. Some side hustles may require certain skills or knowledge, while others may not. Consider your strengths and interests to find a side hustle that suits your skills and experience.

How can I market my side hustle?

Depending on the hustle, there are many ways you can market your side hustle including social media, word of mouth, online advertising, and networking. Consider what channels are most effective for your specific target audience.

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