Print on Demand Books: 5 Best Companies

Are you looking to publish your book without the hassle of traditional printing and inventory management?

Print-on-demand book publishing offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for authors and publishers alike. With print-on-demand, your book is printed only when an order is placed, eliminating the need for large upfront costs and storage space.

In this article, we’ll explore the best companies for print-on-demand books along with what you should consider when evaluating a potential print-on-demand company.

What Are Print-on-Demand Books?

Print-on-demand books are a revolutionary publishing solution that allows you to print books as they are ordered, eliminating the need for large print runs and inventory storage. 

When you choose print-on-demand for your book, you maintain complete control over the content, design, and distribution. 

Simply send your book files to the print-on-demand platform, set your retail price, and make your book available for sale online. The print-on-demand company will handle the printing, binding, and shipping of your book directly to the customer when an order is placed.

How Does Print-on-Demand for Books Work?

How Does Print-on-Demand for Books Work

Unlike traditional printing, where you have to place a large-scale order or minimum order, with print-on-demand books, book printing with print-on-demand is done as orders come through. This means you’ll only pay for the books that are ordered by customers. 

With print-on-demand, books are printed only when a customer places an order, eliminating the need for storage space and reducing financial risk.

You also won’t have to worry about storing inventory or shipping to customers, as most often the print-on-demand book printing company will take care of that. 

Print-on-demand technology has made it easier than ever for authors to bring their books to market, whether they’re self-publishing or working with a small press.

With no minimum order quantities and the ability to make updates to your book at any time, print-on-demand offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for book publishing.

Why Choose Print-on-Demand for Book Publishing?

Print-on-demand offers numerous advantages for book publishing. By eliminating the need for large print runs and inventory storage, you can significantly reduce your upfront costs and investment risk.

Print-on-demand books are attractive options both for self-published authors as well as small presses with limited budgets.

Print-on-demand also allows you to make your book available to a wide audience without the need for a traditional publisher. You maintain 100% control over your book’s content, pricing, and distribution, giving you the flexibility to make decisions that align with your vision.

Plus, with print-on-demand books, you can easily make updates and revisions to your work at any time. This is particularly useful for non-fiction books that may require frequent updates to keep the content current and relevant. 

6 Best Print-on-Demand Book Companies

5 Best Print-on-Demand Book Companies

When it comes to choosing a print-on-demand service for your book, there are several companies to consider.

Each platform offers unique features and benefits, so it’s essential to evaluate your specific needs and goals before making a decision. You may even wish to get in touch with each one for a quote and compare their service offerings. 

1. Print Bind Ship 

Print Bind Ship is one of the best print-on-demand book companies out there. With over six decades of experience under its belt, it is also one of North America’s most reputable fulfillment companies. 

Print Bind Ship seamlessly integrates with your eCommerce storefront, transforming the book printing process into a seamless, automatic affair.

The moment an order comes in, Print Bind Ship handles all aspects of printing, binding, and shipping your work with meticulous care, complete with real-time tracking for added peace of mind. 

Print Bind Ship operates some of the most advanced printers in the market, ensuring high-quality book production. It also handles bookbinding, allowing authors to choose from a variety of materials. Plus, you can customize your book’s packaging, enabling a truly unique branding experience.

Unlike other print-on-demand book companies, Print Bind Ship doesn’t impose royalties. This means you’ll have an easier time calculating your costs and gain larger profit margins over competitors. 

2. Printify

Printify is a popular print-on-demand platform that offers a wide range of products, including books. With Printify, you can create high-quality paperbacks and hardcovers with ease, thanks to their user-friendly interface and extensive network of printing partners.

One of the standout features of Printify is its competitive pricing, which allows you to maximize your profit margins. Printify also integrates seamlessly with various eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce, making it simple to sell your books directly to your audience.

3. IngramSpark

IngramSpark is another well-established and trusted name in the print-on-demand book industry. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, including print production, distribution, and fulfillment, making it a one-stop shop for your publishing needs.

With IngramSpark, your books can be made available to a global network of over 40,000 retailers and libraries, ensuring your work reaches a wide audience. It also provides exceptional print quality and a variety of book formats, including hardcover, paperback, and e-book.

4. Blurb

Blurb offers a range of book printing options, including trade books, magazines, and e-books. Its user-friendly tools and templates make it easy to create professional-looking books, even if you have no prior design experience.

Blurb provides excellent print quality and a variety of paper options, ensuring your book looks and feels exactly as you envisioned. It also integrates with Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign for seamless design creation. 

5. Barnes & Noble Press

Barnes & Noble Press is the book printing division of the well-known bookseller, Barnes & Noble. By leveraging its extensive network of retail stores and online presence, Barnes & Noble Press provides authors with a unique opportunity to reach its large, established customer base.

With Barnes & Noble Press, you can easily create and distribute your book in both print and digital formats. It charges royalties but provides access to valuable marketing tools, such as in-store events and online promotions, to help you maximize your book’s visibility and sales potential.

6. Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is Amazon’s print-on-demand service, allowing you to publish your book in digital as well as paperback formats. With KDP, you can reach millions of Amazon customers worldwide and take advantage of their powerful search and recommendation algorithms to increase your book’s visibility.

KDP imposes royalties and provides access to valuable promotional tools, such as Kindle Countdown Deals and Free Book Promotions. KDP offers a user-friendly interface and a quick upload process to make it easy to get your book to market faster. It should also be noted that when publishing your book on Amazon’s platform, you’ll need to adhere to its guidelines. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Print-on-Demand Book Company

What to Consider When Choosing a Print-on-Demand Book Company

When selecting a print-on-demand book company, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you find the best fit for your publishing needs.

We’re breaking it down so you’ll have everything you need to make the right decision. 

1. Cost

When choosing a print-on-demand book company, carefully weigh the cost structure and pricing. Compare the base price per book, shipping fees, and any additional charges that may apply, such as setup fees or annual membership costs.

Ensure that the pricing aligns with your budget and allows you to maintain a reasonable profit margin on your book sales.

Some print-on-demand book companies will charge royalties. Look for companies that offer competitive royalty rates, allowing you to maximize your earnings potential. 

2. Print Quality

Look for providers that use high-quality printing equipment and offer a variety of paper options, including premium choices for a more luxurious feel. If possible, request sample books from potential print-on-demand companies to assess the print quality firsthand.

Pay attention to details such as color accuracy, image resolution, and text clarity. Choose a print-on-demand provider that can consistently deliver sharp, vibrant prints to showcase your book’s content in the best possible light. 

3. Binding Solutions

Most print-on-demand book companies offer paperback and hardcover options, but the specific types of binding available may vary. Bookbinding is critical as it ensures the durability, appearance, and feel of your book. 

Try to determine which best suits your book’s needs and appeals to your target audience. Hardcover, paperback, spiral bound, and more are just some of the bookbinding options to consider. 

4. Book Fulfillment Services

Look for print-on-demand providers that offer global distribution through a wide network of online retailers, bookstores, and libraries. This will help ensure your book reaches the widest possible audience and maximizes your sales potential.

It’s also important to pay attention to the print-on-demand book company’s order processing and shipping times. Choose a provider that can quickly and efficiently print and ship your books to customers, minimizing wait times and ensuring a positive buying experience. 

5. Customization Options

Many print-on-demand book companies offer tools and templates that allow you to create a unique, professional-looking book cover and interior layout. Some companies may also provide access to experienced designers who can help bring your vision to life.

The Bright Future of Print-on-Demand Book Publishing

Print-on-demand books have revolutionized the publishing industry, providing authors and small presses with a cost-effective and low-risk solution for bringing their books to market. It’s perfect for both full-time authors and those who write books as a side hustle.

With a wide range of reputable print-on-demand companies offering various features and benefits, authors can choose the best fit for their unique needs and goals.

Just make sure to carefully consider factors like cost, print quality, binding options, fulfillment services, and more. In short print-on-demand books can present a worthwhile and cost-effective opportunity for both authors and publishers alike!

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What is print-on-demand book publishing?

Print-on-demand is a publishing model where books are printed individually as orders are placed, rather than printing a large bulk quantity upfront. This eliminates the need for costly inventory storage and allows for a wider range of titles to be available without the risk of unsold copies.

How long does it take to receive a print-on-demand book?

The turnaround time for print-on-demand books can vary, but it’s generally faster than traditional offset printing. Many print-on-demand companies can print and ship a book within 3-5 business days, though shipping times will depend on the chosen delivery method and distance.

Can I get my print-on-demand book in hardcover?

Yes, the majority of print-on-demand book companies offer both paperback and hardcover binding options. Hardcovers may cost more per unit but they provide a premium, long-lasting product.

Some print-on-demand companies even offer dust jackets and other upgrades for hardcover books.

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