We walk you through how to apply for your SS4 with this easy guide.

How to Apply for an SS-4

Whether your business is a liability company (LLC), a partnership, or a corporation, you need to secure an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The number identifies your business as a taxpayer.

 Applying for an EIN is a free IRS service. You’re going to need to accomplish an IRS Form SS4 and answer all the questions in the document.

 If you’re having trouble applying for an EIN, you can employ the help of an attorney to help. It’s important to fill out the SS4 form correctly because if you can’t fill out certain sections, you may have to start the process all over again

 This article outlines the important steps you need to take when applying for an EIN. After reading this article, you’ll be able to secure an EIN for your new business.

Overview on IRS Form SS4

Form SS4, Application for Employer Identification Number, is an IRS form that business owners fill out to get an EIN. This form is also provided to business lenders when they evaluate your business loan application. 

It’s recommended to print out a copy of the SS4 form and answer all the questions in this format.

What is an EIN and How to Submit Your Application for a New One?

EINs, or employer identification numbers, is a unique ID number that is assigned by the IRS to a business entity. 

The nine-digit number is used by the agency for tax purposes. It’s a Social Security Number (SSN) for businesses.

It’s also known as a Federal Taxpayer Identification Number. It’s called Tax Identification Number (TIN) when it’s used to identify a corporation for tax reasons.

The EIN is also used to pay and file payroll taxes of a company’s employees. Some types of business entities also need an EIN to file a business income tax return.

Sole proprietorships and single-person LLCs with no employees are some of the business entities exempt from having an EIN.

There are several ways to apply for an EIN. You can apply online, by fax, by mail, or by phone.

Apply Online

Most people prefer applying for important requirements online because it’s simple and convenient. Fortunately for you, you can also apply for an EIN online.

After filling out the form online, your information will be validated and you’ll receive your EIN immediately.

This application process is available for all business entities whose principal business, physical and mailing address, office or agency, or legal residence is located in the US and its territories.

Apply by Fax

After filling up the form and ensuring that you’ve provided all the required information, you can fax your accomplished SS4 form to the appropriate fax number. 

After your information is validated by the IRS, you’ll receive a fax with your EIN within four business days.

Apply by Mail

You can also send your accomplished SS4 form by mail. After validating your information, the IRS can send your EIN within four weeks.

Apply by Telephone – International Applicants

International applicants may call the IRS number 267-941-1099 from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays. They can request an EIN and answer questions concerning the SS4 form through a call.

Why You May Need an IRS Form SS4 for Your EIN Verification?

A Form SS4 notice serves as proof that your business has been issued an EIN by the IRS. This proof is needed whenever you apply for a business loan.

If you have a small business, you may need to apply for loans to obtain the funds that you need for operations. This process requires you to have a copy of your business’ IRS Form SS4. 

Your tax returns won’t be enough proof of EIN for lenders because errors are common in tax return documents. This is why you need the Form SS4 notice. 

Without the document, your loan could be delayed, which could be bad for your business. It can put your business activities behind schedule on any plans you may have.

Meanwhile, it’s important for you to have an EIN so that tax professionals can identify your business as a taxpayer. 

If you don’t have an EIN and your business is already in operation, you may be avoiding tax obligations.

If you’re a business owner, you may need to get an EIN from the IRS for tax purposes. Call Doola today and we’ll help you apply for an SS4 or an EIN for your business.

How to Do an SS4 Application Online?

If your business is an LLC or sole proprietor and you have no employees, you’re not required to have an EIN. You’ll need to do an EIN application if your company:

  • Has employees
  • Has a business license 
  • Has a business bank account
  • Is part of a corporation
  • Is part of a partnership
  • Functions as a non-profit

If your business fits the bill, you’ll need to do an online application for employer identification. To do this, you must first be a responsible party to the business. Meaning you must be in a position to manage and control the business assets and resources.

If you’re eligible, you may submit your IRS Form SS4 by mail or online. The easiest way for most people to submit the application is through the IRS website, www.irs.gov.

The form is only one page and shouldn’t take you too much time to complete. You have to provide standard information such as your legal name and the name of your business. The IRS also accepts applications through the mail and by fax. 

Consider Professional Help for Your Business Launch

Call Doola today and we can help you secure a new EIN for your business. Doola offers services associated with filing legal documents, including SS4 forms.

With our help, you can go through the filing of your required business documents with ease. We can also help your business be in compliance with the law every year.


FAQs on How to Apply for an SS4

How long does it take to get an SS4?

You’ll receive an IRS Form SS4 notice once you receive your EIN. Depending on how you applied, you can get your EIN from one day to four weeks.

If you want a copy of your IRS Form SS4 notice, you can send a request at the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line. But, requesting a copy of your EIN assignment may take time. The tax specialist will tell you how long to expect to wait.

Can I submit an SS4 online?

You can submit an SS4 form online. You only need to determine your eligibility then apply online. After validations are done, you’ll receive your EIN and your SS4 notice.

Where do I file Form SS4?

The SS4 form is filed with the Internal Revenue Service. If you’re filing the form by mail, check the SS4 form itself to know where you can send your form. It can take up to four weeks before you’ll receive your EIN.

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