doola Banking enables entrepreneurs around the globe to open a business bank account in the US — no credit history or SSN required.

The future is here: Introducing doola Banking

It’s time to open the floodgates: today we’re officially opening doola Banking out of beta to founders around the world — allowing you to form a US LLC and get a US business bank account, remotely with or without a US SSN.

We believe finance should not be walled off, but part of the conversation of formation and incorporation.

Our mission is to democratize access to the US financial ecosystem and empower anyone to turn their dream idea into their dream US business. It’s hard enough for founders in the US to start a US business. The whole process is stupidly complicated, time-consuming and expensive. For founders globally, it’s, even more, migraine-inducing. doola Banking changes the game for global founders. We are now an all-in-one platform to:

Register your US LLC or DAO LLC

Open your US bank account

✅ Keep your LLC compliant with Total Compliance (State Filings, IRS Filings, and Bookkeeping).

All. In. One. Go. No US SSN required.

doola Banking: Banking for Your Global Business

Oh, and we also handle state filings and IRS filings year-over-year to keep your business compliant. As our customers like to say, we’re a Business-in-a-Box for global founders.

We’re also making it risk-free for global founders. Today, you have to put up money to form your company, wait weeks to get your EIN, and only then wait a nerve-wracking few weeks to find out if a US bank account will accept your application. With doola you can form your company, get your EIN and apply for a US bank account.

We have become the fastest way for global founders to go from formation to accepting your first payment/deposit globally. Why? Because we do it all in-house.

  • Suppose you’re an LLC like RAIZE, a fast-growing NYC DTC food-tech startup with some of the freshest keto cookies you can imagine. You can now start accepting payments from your first customers globally lightning fast.
  • Or maybe you’re a YCombinator backed C Corp like June based abroad, building instant analytics for B2B SaaS companies. You can now raise capital from US investors and deposit their investment wire ASAP.
  • And even if you’re a DAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, like a Syndicate Investing DAO, you can now get a legal entity and a fiat bank account (with Crypto transfers and exchanges ), bridging Web2 and Web3.

The best part? We support founders on every continent. No SSN is required. 100% remote.

So what are you waiting for? Just do(ola) it and get access to doola Banking and also have a chance to win $5000 Get access-> 

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