Pathways to Success: 11 Best Degrees for Entrepreneurs

College students have many choices for a good degree. A degree can improve someone’s chances of landing a job, but some degrees are more valuable than others. College students aspiring to become entrepreneurs have to be selective with the degrees they pursue. 

Degrees that focus on business and finance can give entrepreneurs the skills they need to run successful businesses. Knowing the best degrees for entrepreneurs can help students plan their courses and path through college.

Best Degrees for Entrepreneurs

Some degrees hold more merit than others for people pursuing entrepreneurship. These are some of the best degrees for entrepreneurs to get while they are in college.

1. Business Degree

Business degrees give students insights into business management, finance, and administration. Students learn about business theories which can help them make fewer mistakes when they launch their business. 

2. Entrepreneurship Degree

An entrepreneurship degree teaches students how to launch, grow, and manage businesses. The skills you learn in these courses make them one of the best degrees for entrepreneurs. You also get to learn about what goes into creating an innovative idea and planning its implementation.

3. Economics Degree

Supply and demand drive business growth and stagnation. Knowing how the economy works can help you adjust to macroeconomic conditions and be competitive within your industry. History doesn’t always repeat, but it often rhymes. An economics degree can help you see patterns as they develop instead of getting caught by surprise.

4. Marketing Degree

A marketing degree gives entrepreneurs the foundational knowledge to promote their businesses and reach new customers. Effective marketing strategies can reduce your costs while helping you retain customers. Students also learn about marketing concepts and theories that can help them implement successful marketing campaigns. 

5. Communications Degree

Effective communication is vital for any business owner. The way you communicate with employees, customers, partners, and other groups impacts your company’s long-term growth. A communications degree teaches you how to communicate your message during various situations and address your message to its intended audience. 

6. Finance Degree

Students who pursue finance degrees learn how to analyze investments, manage money, and spot patterns within the economy. Entrepreneurs have to manage money and make decisions based on their revenue and expenses. Money is a critical component of any business and makes finance one of the best degrees for entrepreneurs.

7. Accounting Degree

An accounting degree helps people improve their money management, learn about tax breaks, and file taxes. These degrees can help business owners stay on top of their finances and file their taxes. 

Many people with accounting degrees become CPAs and help business owners. The position of a CPA can help you meet many business owners, tap into accounting side hustles, and build your network. You can also use your accounting skills to improve your company’s finances.

8. Psychology Degree

Degrees in psychology teach students about human behavior. Knowing how people think can help frame your company’s core offers around what your customers want. You can also use psychology to craft good copies for your sales pages and social media accounts. Understanding human psychology can make you a better writer and increase your sales.

9. Engineering Degree

Engineering degrees provide business owners with relevant skills that can help them design projects and implement plans. Engineering teaches entrepreneurs to think differently and look for opportunities to innovate.

10. Computer Science Degree

An education in computer science will help you develop software, provide deliverables, and thrive on Microsoft Teams. The path to this degree offers many challenges that can make you a better business owner. If your business idea revolves around software, you can create the solution yourself instead of hiring someone to develop the software for you. 

You can also start an engineering side hustle where you create software for other businesses. Computer science degrees also give business owners a better understanding of cybersecurity and how to stay safe online. 

11. Environmental Science Degree

Environmental science is one of the best degrees for entrepreneurs who want to be eco-friendly. Some entrepreneurs take action to preserve the environment and mention it in their copy. It’s possible to get more sales and reduce costs with an eco-friendly approach. These entrepreneurs may also have an easier time obtaining grants and raising capital for their businesses.

Never Stop Learning

The most successful entrepreneurs never stop learning. They continue to consume educational resources after college, but the degree you pick can make a difference for your business. Picking degrees that align with business skills can help you run a successful company in the future. When you are ready to form your company, doola can help. Doola offers business formation and compliance services that can get you on the right path.


How to choose the right degree for your entrepreneurial goals?

Students should consider their strengths and interests when choosing a degree. They should consider what type of career path they want after college and pursue degrees that complement those goals.

Do you need a specific degree to become a successful entrepreneur?

No, you do not need a specific degree to become a successful entrepreneur. Many degrees help students develop their business skills.

Can you become an entrepreneur with a degree in a non-business field?

Yes, you can become an entrepreneur with a degree in a non-business field. Experience is the best teacher.

Should you consider getting real-world experience in entrepreneurship instead of a degree?

Real-world experience in entrepreneurship can be more beneficial than a degree in some cases. Degrees put you deep into debt, but some companies may take you more seriously if you have a degree. Degrees can help but are not required to become a successful entrepreneur.

Can you start a successful business while still in school pursuing a degree?

Yes, you can start a successful business while still in school pursuing a degree. Nothing is stopping you from getting started and building a business.

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