Maximize Efficiency: 30 Best Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs

Productivity and efficiency are valuable assets for any entrepreneur. Businesses need every advantage to get ahead, save time, and automate work. The proliferation of Google Chrome extensions in recent years makes it easier to do just that. From SEO optimization to email management or productivity, there are extensions for almost everything. 

Here’s a review of the 30 best Chrome extensions for entrepreneurs, organized by category. 

Best Chrome Extensions for Content Writing

Content writing is essential for businesses, from blog posts to email outreach to Facebook ads. Creation, distribution, and measurement of content is often the key to any small business’s marketing strategy. These extensions make both editing and SEO optimization easier. 

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-driven editor that ensures your content is easy to read, effective, and free of grammar mistakes. Use it after running spellcheck to locate complex grammar errors. Be sure to check each suggestion, as it sometimes fails to understand the context. 

Grammarly also offers writing prompts, tone suggestions, and a plagiarism checker to ensure you’re not accidentally duplicating content that’s already out there. Grammarly offers a free plan. Paid plans start at $15 per team member per month.   

2. MozBar

No content writer for businesses ignores SEO. MozBar is Moz’s SEO Chrome extension combining some of the most powerful tools. While this is a pricier extension, learning to use it can pay dividends in driving website traffic. 

MozBar allows you to create custom SEO searches, highlight and link keywords, compare metrics, and expose page elements. Moz Pro Standard costs $99 a month or $950 a year. 

3. Wordtune

Wordtune can help you rewrite sentences so that paragraphs and structure flow better. Use Wordtune to get the right tone for a social media post or to tune up an important email. You can also use Wordtune to generate ideas for website copy or offer an initial edit on longer texts. 

The free version allows up to 10 rewrites per day. Paid plans cost $9.99 to $15.999 per month. 

4. Text Blaze

With Text Blaze, you can input key information, and it will perform calculations for you. If the message is the same, but the data has to be calculated manually, Text Blaze can automate the process and save time. For example, if you have similar content but different order variables, text blaze can quickly customize the email for each client. 

Text Blaze offers a free basic plan. Paid plans range from $36 a year for a pro plan to $6.99 per user per month for business plans. 

Best Chrome Extensions for Marketing

Marketing automation and low-cost solutions are valuable for any small business owner. Here are five of the best extensions to get better marketing results and save some money. 

5. is a powerful tool to track marketing campaigns and an alternative to Google Analytics. With you can add UTM parameters to the URL of the page you’re on and then add it to a database of tracked links. It also allows you to shorten your tracked links directly within the Chrome extension. pricing ranges from a free basic plan to an enterprise plan with customized pricing and a 30-day money-back guarantee, although pricing isn’t listed publicly.  

6. Page Analytics

Page Analytics, offered by Google, is one of the best Chrome extensions to see how clients interact with your site. See what they click on, how long they stay, and where they leave. Use Page Analytics to optimize lead pages and funnels within your marketing campaigns. Page Analytics is a free Chrome extension.

7. SEOquake

SEOquake is a tool to measure SEO metrics on your website. Entrepreneurs just starting out can use it to optimize SEO without investing marketing dollars into it. It offers useful tools like a keyword density tracker and internal-external link trackers. SEOquake is free.

8. Buffer

Buffer streamlines your social sharing and allows you to easily share content and publish updates on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other websites. It also tracks results and analyzes everything you share to optimize marketing campaigns.

Buffer offers a free version. Paid versions range from $6 a month for an individual to $12 for teams or $120 a month for a marketing agency with 10 or more channels. 

9. App for Instagram

App for Instagram allows you to see the Instagram page on your desktop. Easily scroll, view, save, and share from the extension on your desktop. For businesses that rely on Instagram for marketing, this app simplifies access. App for Instagram is free.

Best Chrome Extensions for Email Management

Email management can easily get out of hand, especially when you’re pulled in many directions at once. These Chrome extensions can make managing emails easier. 

10. Inbox When Ready

Understanding that the constant ping of new emails can distract you from the work at hand, Inbox When Ready hides your Gmail inbox to protect your focus. You can search your archive or compose messages without seeing your inbox. Just press “Show Inbox” when you’re ready. Inbox When Ready is free. 

11. Streak CRM

Streak CRM allows you to personalize mass emails, track email opens and clicks, and track stages of a pipeline for sale sequences. Streak CRM helps you build and manage a pipeline for sales, PR, or investor outreach, with mail merge and templates to save time. Streak CRM is a must-have free Chrome extension for entrepreneurs. 

12. Boomerang

Boomerang allows you to schedule when you want to send an email and then track it if you don’t hear back. It also allows you to see whether the email was read and gives you the option to snooze or delay messages. Boomerang costs range from $4.98 per month to $49.98.

Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Optimizing productivity is essential for any business owner. These Chrome extensions can make it a little bit easier. 

13. Todoist

Todoist is a to-do list task manager that allows you to collaborate with teams, track projects, and set reminders. Todoist integrates across all your devices, allowing you to see lists and reminders on the go. Todoist has a free plan. Pro and business plans cost $4 to $6 per month per member. 

14. Toggl Button

Toggl Button allows you to put a timer on any web tool and track your time on the site while collecting productivity data. It can help you see where you’re wasting time to improve productivity continuously. Toggl Button offers a free plan. Starter plans cost $9 a month, while Premium plans cost $18 per user, per month. 

15. Workona

If you keep many tabs open at once, consider Workona. Workona is perfect for context switching on Chrome, as it allows you to easily go from working on one project, or even business to another. 

Use it to organize multiple large or ongoing projects and keep key documents and resources relevant to that workspace together. You can also use Workona to save your current browser state and all its tabs to revisit later. Workona costs $7 for a pro plan or $8 per user per month for the team plan. 

16. Momentum

Momentum is designed to improve productivity by focusing on your goal for the day. With Momentum, you’ll enter a specific goal in the task field each morning. It will remind you of the goal each time you open a new tab on your web browser. Momentum is free, but the premium plan offers additional features, starting at $3.33 a month. 

Best Chrome Extensions for Organization

Organization is an essential skill for any business owner or entrepreneur. These Chrome extensions can help maintain strong organization systems. 

17. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper allows you to clip and save research articles, news stories, receipts, images, code snippets, and anything else you need. Creating an Evernote account is free. The paid version for businesses costs up to $19.99 a month per team member. 

18. Pocket

Pocket lets you easily organize articles and references you want to read later. When a headline catches your eye but you don’t have the time to read it, Pocket helps you save and organize articles to read later or reference. With the Pocket Chrome extension, you can easily save articles to the Pocket app, and filter and tag articles to easily organize by category or subject. Pocket is free. 

19. Drag

Drag helps keep your Gmail inbox organized between stages like “Do,” “Doing,” and “Done”. By simplifying email into a to-do list, you can easily track what email chains you need to pay attention to daily. Drag is a free extension from Google. 

20. Hiver

Hiver allows you to manage shared accounts from your primary Gmail inbox, eliminating the need for additional sign-ins or verification. Easily assign emails to team members, answer questions with templates, and reduce confusion or duplicate work. Depending on the plan and features, Hiver costs $15 to $59 per user per month. 

Best Chrome Extensions for Security

Security and cybersecurity threats are a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. These three extensions can help protect your company. 

21. Ghostery

Ghostery is an exceptional ad blocker that prevents tracking, protecting your online security. It can also speed up website load speeds, so you’ll waste less time waiting for sites. Ghostery is free.

22. LastPass

Password managers can save time and improve security. LastPass is one such offering that can save all your passwords in one place. Easily access login credentials when needed while improving security. LastPass pricing ranges from a free version to $7 per user per month for business subscriptions. 

23. Click&Clean

Click&Clean allows you to clear your cookies and history in one click. It can speed up web browsing and ensure you’re seeing accurate results. Click&Clean is free. 

Other Chrome Extensions 

While the list above covers a lot, there are thousands of Chrome extensions, including many exceptional offerings for productivity, organization, and efficiency that entrepreneurs can rely on. Here are a few more worth highlighting. 

24. Similarweb

Similarweb lets you analyze a competitor’s website to understand marketing strategy and website traffic. While Similarweb’s estimates are based on public data sources and direct data from website owners and their partners, it’s a powerful tool for competitor market research. Similarweb is free. 

25. Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer allows you to see which technology is powerful on any website. From understanding tracking pixels to payment gateways, it allows you to see which other websites you like are using and emulating their layout. 

Wappalyzer can help you to understand a website’s marketing strategy through its tools. Its cost ranges from $250 to $850 per month per user.

26. Fakespot

Fakespot can show you whether the products online have fake reviews. Amazon products get awarded grades from A to F to keep you from purchasing products with fake reviews. Fakespot is free.

27. ScribeHow

ScribeHow lets you hit records while it creates step-by-step guides and documentation. This process documentation extension can save you time by showing assistants or employees how to perform regular tasks or creating a self-service support database. ScribeHow is free; pro subscriptions cost $12 to $23 per month per user. 

28. Meta Ad Library

Meta Ad Library can help with creative research to understand what ads perform well. It allows you to search ads by keyword or page name and save examples of ad creatives as references for future marketing campaigns. Meta Ad Library is free.

29. Honey

Honey automatically searches out the best coupons and discount codes. Retailers, distributors, and consumers can all benefit from this app to save more on bulk and private purchases. Honey is free. 

30. Care Your Eyes

Care Your Eyes is a Chrome extension to protect your eyes when you’re working long hours, especially at night. This extension turns on a night mode to protect your eyes from the glowing computer screen and improve sleep quality, which in turn can impact productivity the next day. Care Your Eyes is free. 

Improving Productivity and Innovation

Busy entrepreneurs can leverage technology and exceptional service to spend more time focusing on core business growth. The Chrome extensions above can improve productivity to save time each day. Likewise, doola business formation and compliance services offer guaranteed business formation and compliance so you don’t have to worry about legal issues and can focus on business growth. Get doola formation or compliance services here


What are Chrome extensions?

Chrome extensions are programs that can be installed directly in your Google Chrome browser to offer premium functionality and additional features. 

How do you install a Chrome extension?

To install a Chrome extension, open the Chrome web store, search for the extension you want, and click “Add to Chrome.” 

Are Chrome extensions safe to use?

Yes, Chrome extensions are safe to use. However, it’s always a good idea to check whether it’s a well-known extension or developer before installing it. 

Can you disable or remove Chrome extensions?

Yes, you can disable or remove Chrome extensions at any time. 

Can you use multiple Chrome extensions simultaneously?

You can have multiple Chrome extensions loaded simultaneously, but you’ll only be able to use only one at a time. 

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